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Desserted Island Bakery

"The Sweet Tooth's Paradise"

Desserted Island Bakery's Terms & Conditions

Design Terms and Conditions

All Desserted Island Bakery clients are asked to provide a picture of their desired design. As discussed during the initial consultation, this image is used for inspiration purposes only, as we do not fully replicate another cake artist's work. Our goal is to create a design that is unique for each client that also closely aligns with their vision.

If the client supplies an image or likeness to be created, Desserted Island Bakery will make every attempt to make the item as close to the likeness as possible. In the event that the product requires equipment or ingredients that cannot be obtained within the time allotted (exotic flavors, molds, shapes, stamps, texture, additional novelty such as glitter), the closest resemblance available will be used to complete the product.

Delivery/Pick-Up Terms and Conditions

After satisfactory delivery and/or set up by Desserted Island Bakery, the client assumes full responsibility for the condition of the cake(s)/dessert(s). If the client opts to meet Desserted Island Bakery for pickup or elects a representative to pick up and/or set up a cake/dessert, as opposed to having Desserted Island Bakery deliver, the client assumes full liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake/dessert once it leaves Desserted Island Bakery's possession. Upon visual inspection of the cake/dessert and its departure from the premises, the customer approves the cake's/dessert's visual appearance and waives any rights to a refund based on the style, design or visual appearance of the cake/dessert.

Cake/Dessert Storage

All cakes/desserts require a cool, temperature-controlled environment. To prevent sweating, bulging and other negative impacts to the cake's/dessert's appearance, cakes/desserts should be refrigerated and removed 1-2 hours prior to serving.

Safety Terms and Conditions

Client assumes full responsibility for making sure all inedible cake d├ęcor, including but not limited to fondant decorations, are removed from the cake before it is cut and served. Fondant decorations are made using additives to decrease setting time and while these products are non-toxic and 100% food safe, they are inedible and should not be consumed.

Food Allergies

Desserted Island Bakery products may contain or come in contact with milk, wheat, nuts, cocoa and other allergens. The client is responsible for notifying all guests; Desserted Island Bakery is not responsible for any allergic reactions.



Desserted Island Bakery reserves the right to take photos of the product for display or promotion without the customer's consent.

Desserted Island Bakery's total liability is limited to amounts paid to Desserted Island Bakery for its goods and services. Desserted Island Bakery will not be liable for any special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, whether foreseen or unforeseen, regardless of whether liability is based on breach of contract, breach of express or implied warranty, negligence, strict liability, tort, or otherwise.